Total Health With A Healthy Mind

Healthy MindLiving a healthy lifestyle doesn’t just concern eating the right food and keeping a fit body with regular exercise. True enough, these two can have a very big impact on the well-being of a person especially in preventing diseases caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. However, when talking about the overall well-being, we’re not just talking about the body but also the mind. It is also very important to have a calm mind without any stressful elements in it. Our mind has that certain ability to heal. A healthy body with the help of good diet and right amount of exercise, and a sound mind with the help of meditation despite the busy schedule can make a person really healthy, inside and out.

You can go and keep your body fit as well as your mind by giving a more holistic approach to your exercise such as exercise programs like yoga and tai- chi. It is very much possible to achieve inner peace and a healthy body with the help of meditation. Yoga and tai-chi are known exercises that not only result to a balanced body but also a mind that is free from negativity. But do not forget about the power of food, since Healthy Mind1it is what fuels the muscles and system inside the body. You won’t be able to think straight with an empty stomach or a body that are full of those accumulated toxins from bad eating habits. Remember that you always have to keep the balance. That way, your body can have the right amount of energy and a healthy mind to live a full life.

For a calm mind, you should learn to eat well and keep yourself fit by eating more of the healthy foods. One meal should consist of 20% protein and whole grains and 80% nutrients and vitamins that can be found in fruits and vegetables. Follow the right diet to have a life that is free from diseases. Combine it with regular meditation exercise so you can also have a brain that can think well. You don’t have to spend much to achieve a healthy well-being, all you have to do is to find a quiet time and place in your own home where you can meditate all by yourself, combine it with physical exercise and right food intake, and you’re on your way to better and healthier you.

Emotional Eating And Its Effect On Your Mood

Emotional EatingComfort foods or soul foods… whatever you want to call it. I’m sure some of us (yes, including me) have a particular food that somehow calms us when faced with some sort of a stressful situation or when simply just having a bad day. I myself would find comfort eating potato chips dipped in ice cream whenever I’m in a very low mood, and for some reason (although ‘the’ problem is still there) after a while I’m okay again and more ready to face whatever it is that I have to take care of. I’m sure many of you can relate.

Actually, it’s called emotional eating. It’s a person’s way of dealing with emotions by eating something that they love to compensate for the unwanted low feeling. But the problem is most comfort foods are mostly sugary foods which can have an unwanted effect on our mental health.

How so? The calmness that we feel is actually caused by a neurotransmitter called serotonin. Low serotonin level makes a person ruffled, as in the case of a person with bipolar disorder. An intake of carbohydrate rich food is recommended in this situation to be able to produce tryptophan, a substance that converts into serotonin, that changes the person’s mood (yes, that’s why). However, the instant change when frequently experienced can actually mess with our brain’s natural chemistry.

The American Academy of Neurology conducted a research on the effects of drinking sweetened beverages with depression. The study showed that people who consumed too much sweetened beverages (sodas and fruit juices) are more likely to suffer from depression than those who do not. What’s more surprising is that the percentage is even higher for those people who opted for diet or sugar-free sodas and juices and teas compared to those who would take regular drinks.

If you want to counter that effect then maybe it’s time that you turn to healthier carbohydrate fix whenever you feel down. Fruit and vegetables are still the best option if you feel you need some sugar to boost your Emotional Eating1mood without affecting your mental health.

There are a number of studies that shows Mediterranean diet is best for people with depression. Mainly composed of nuts, fruits, vegetables, olive oil, legumes, fish and some poultry products, Mediterranean diet is said to be able to improve the well-being and cognitive function of a depressed person. It’s because of its high omega-3, antioxidants, fatty acids, Resveratrol and vitamin E content that causes the improvement.

If you want you can even try taking some vitamin supplements. Experts have long considered adding mineral and vitamin supplements to patients with depression and anxiety since there are already studies that have proven that it can help relieve depression and anxiety attacks.

Why Choose Medifast Among The Many Diet Plans?

Diet PlansHave you heard of the medifast diet program? I cannot blame you if you think that this is just one of the fad diets in the market. With lots of fake diet programs reported, you will surely have a hard time identifying which among them will give you the real result. Why don’t we give this diet a try? Here is some of the information that will be helpful in making your decision.

What is this diet all about? The main goal of this diet is to let your body reach the level of ketosis. This is a condition wherein your body will burn the fats that have been inside you for quite a long period of time now. How are you going to reach such body level? This is done through eating about five to six small meals rather than having three substantial meals. Once you have reached the ketosis level, the weight loss process will commence as well.

Why do you need to choose this plan? According to some of the research that I have conducted, this diet plan is considered one of the easiest plans that you can get along with. As a matter of fact, this is not only Diet Plans1for dieters alone, this is also beneficial for diabetic patients. The food choices that this diet plan can offer are particularly suitable for diabetics.

What do I need to do before dealing with this plan? Just like what you need to do in any diet plan, you must read information ahead of time. You must always remember that having the right information will be your best companion.

Losing weight is not about dieting per se. It is the totality of making yourself ready for a big change. Be informed, be prepared, be focused, and be healthier—and do it now!

To Eat Healthy: How?

Eat HealthyIf you are in the process of dieting and you happen to opt for healthy foods instead of starving, then you are on the right path. It is common for people to starve themselves especially when they wanted to lose some weight in a short span of time. Eating healthy is one of the best options a person can do in order to lose weight and to prevent having a bad health condition that will lead to some issues as well. This is one of the most important things every person should consider.

Of course, if you are still on a diet and you happen to attend upcoming parties and holidays, which also mean many tempting food, there is tendency that temptations are lurking around. This can ruin your healthy diet plan and might also make you crave for certain foods, particularly sweets and fatty ones. This is a common situation where many individuals forget about their diet and give in to their cravings. One of the best things to do here is have a small healthy snack before the party so you will not have the tendency to crave and feel wanting to eat more.

Another thing that you can do is choose a smaller plate, which can only contain a certain amount of food Eat Healthy1that will serve as a reminder for you. If you are just in the process of choosing some foods over the dinning section, it is best to look at the foods available and pick the ones that are healthy and will suit your diet. It is fine to eat some sweets from time to time, however, be aware of the amount you eat during the party. This will make you stick to your diet and just eat healthy food selections that will not ruin your hard-earned diet.

And to make it much more effective, keep your goal in mind and eat slowly. By eating slowly your mind and your body will be able to process the food you are eating, making you feel full with just a few bites. And remember that by eating good and healthy foods, you are saving yourself from various diseases.

The Diet Myths Should Be Separated From The Facts

Diet MythsDistinguishing diet myths from facts is an essential thing to do if you wish to stay fit and healthy. As you can see, it is improbable for you to maintain a good health if you are following some myth diets that are misleading you. If you want to obtain a good health, then allow us to help by providing you the common diet myths and the facts that you must follow.

Below are the diet myths and the facts that are vital for you to distinguish:

Myth # 1—Rice, potato, bread and pasta can make you fat

Fact – while most dieters believe that too much carbs in their diet will make them fat, there are really no concrete proofs that high carbs foods are behind the massive weight gain. The truth is that it is the excess calories stored inside our bodies that make us fat especially if we will fail to burn them, as they will be later stored inside our bodies in the form of fats.

Myth # 2—The food you eat late at night will only make you fat

Fact – while it is true that eating foods late at night can cause you some weight gain, it must be noted that this is not the real reason why you are gaining so much weight. Again, it is the amount of the calories you are consuming each day as well as the choices of the foods you eat at night.

Diet Myths 1Myth # 3—Overweight is a problem that can be inherited

Fact – while our genes play a critical role in the things that are happening to us, most scientists believe that this is not the reason behind the rise of the obesity cases. It is poor nutrition and not following the right diet that are considered the culprit behind the soaring cases of obesity.

By keeping the diet myths from facts clear in your mind, you will be able to achieve your preferred weight fast.